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Universal Mini/Micro Indicator

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We are motor cycle lights manufacturers who have total 28 years of experience producing quality products. We sell out products to euro and many other countries.
We are not only manufacture out lights, but also design. We have out own design department could help our customer with their lights designs to suit out customers needs. We have the latest technology molding machines to produce the sample in a short time, which means that the development time could be saved. We also have our own optic examination machine could test our sample straight away and save the time for sending it to a third party. There for you can receive our newest product in the shortest time. We have a very tight quality control policy and fully equipped manufacturing department to make sure you only receive the best quality products.
With out 28 years of experience, we could help our customers to achieve their desire results. From design, manufacture to assembly and packing we have the full pack... [more]
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